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Psychological Centers is a statewide multi-service behavioral health organization

Adults and children face a variety of challenges in today’s world, including staying healthy, having positive relationships, good home lives, stable secure and rewarding work, and good experiences in school. Effective behavioral health services can help our clients reach these goals. We focus on helping clients figure out what needs to happen to allow them to meet goals that are hard to reach and to succeed at making changes to make their lives more comfortable, fulfilling, and successful. [It’s worth noting that ineffective behavioral health services aren’t very helpful. Knowing what you need and knowing what’s been proven to be helpful for achieving it matter.] Because we’re statewide and offer a variety of services, we’re likely to be able to offer something relevant to many people seeking to improve their lives- or to know people we can recommend who can help with what we can’t.

Blending academic and community service values

The Centers of psychological expertise at Psychological Centers bring staff and services that have been shown to work to help our clients meet their individual goals. We work with people where it makes most sense- statewide in various doctors’ offices with their patients to be healthy and mentally healthy, in homes to help children with significant behavior problems, in schools to help students succeed academically and behaviorally, in other everyday settings as relevant, in our offices in Providence and Warren, and at partner locations throughout Rhode Island.

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Our intake staff will ask you questions about what you’d like to be better in your life, what help you are looking for to achieve that, and whether we can be helpful (or can suggest others who might). Call us at 401-490-8930.

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Below are some resources that might be of interest.


  • Need help? In the U.S., call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255


Teen suicide:


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[When looking for therapists, it is important to talk with the clinician first and evaluate the basis for their claim of specific expertise and make sure their approach fits with what you’re looking for]
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