About PC


Providing a broad spectrum of behavioral health expertise to help communities solve their problems.


  • Commitment to client and community needs is our first priority.
  • Services must be consistent with our mission and values.
  • Effectiveness is the best justification for providing services and the most important tool for growth.
  • Effective services require scientifically proven approaches and staff with expertise in relevant scientific knowledge and its real world application.
  • We can only be effective if the needs, goals, and challenges of our clients are understood and respected.
  • Staff members can be most effective if we understand their needs, support their learning, and encourage their growth.
  • We will not provide services that would be better provided by other agencies.
  • We undertake opportunities to enhance our impact by seeking to collaborate effectively with other agencies and community partners.


Blending academic and community-service ideals

   – Science in practice

   – Formulation is not a schtick

   – Strategic approach “simplified” (multi-page powerpoint)

Community-Identified Problems

Psychological Centers relies on our flexible structure to drive our responsiveness to community needs. Community organizations and the populations they serve identify problems they see as needing to be addressed. Given our niche, we are neither tied to nor obligated to participate in available funding streams. We are thus able to consult the scientific literature on how best to address those problems and then look for affordable ways to fund best practices. We then tailor these approaches to be most acceptable and best suited to the relevant community populations, including children and their families needing additional support to enable kids to remain at home.

Current Services

Psychological Centers currently offers services based at or related to schools, community agencies, medical practices including community health centers, specialty behavioral health sites, and in homes and other community settings. In addition to local and national grants for demonstration projects, we offer consultation, clinical evaluations and specific interventions designed according to the best available evidence for effectiveness.