Center for Community-Based Services

Child and Adolescent Intensive Treatment Services (CAITS)

CAITS is a intensive home-based (IOP) services program for youth who require multi-focus interventions to bring about changes. Interventions focus on critical drivers whose change would enable families to support sustainable improvements in their children’s functioning. While services are time-limited to a funding period of 16 weeks, CAITS offers the flexibility to design interventions based on children’s and families’ clinical needs: doing whatever is needed, whenever it is needed, and offered wherever it is needed or acceptable, to provide the intensity of treatment required in a family-centered way. Like all Psychological Centers’ intensive services for children, CAITS treatment is designed according to clear conceptualization of clinical needs based on specific scientific foundations.

Enhanced Intensive Outpatient Services (“EOS”)

EOS enhances Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services by adding intensive behavioral intervention and training to intensive, multisystemic, family-focused services to enable youth at imminent risk of placement or who would otherwise be unable to return from placement to be maintained and served at home.  EOS clinicians and behavioral specialists work with families where and when services are needed to create sustainable changes by helping families overcome barriers to achieving specific clinical goals.

Developmental Disabilities (DD) Services

EOS services are tailored to help youth with Developmental Disabilities remain or return home despite significantly disruptive behavior. DD services are based on proven effective ABA interventions, modified for clinical targets in community settings and enhanced by focus on family and school needs and the effects on youths’ behavior of the multiple systems involved with the family.