Center for School-Based Services

Johnson & Wales University (JWU) Counseling Center: Johnson and Wales University has made office space available to Psychological Centers in its Providence Campus Counseling Center from which we are able to provide mental health evaluations and medication management services to students. This arrangement allows students to conveniently access psychopharmacology services, and supports coordination of services between Psychological Centers and the JWU Counseling Center staff.

The Learning Community: The Learning Community is a public charter school in Central Falls serving elementary age children in Rhode Island’s highest poverty High Performing school. The Learning Community is noted for having an extraordinary level of involvement and connection with parents, recognizing the role of family in students’ learning and its role as a community center in the lives of students’ families. The Learning Community has arranged for Psychological Centers staff to use its offices to provide behavioral health services on-site and in the nearby community to students and their families. Together we attempt to improve the effectiveness of educational services, including through collaboration and coordination to support integration of behavioral and educational services.

Alvarez High School: Psychological Centers staff use offices at the High School to provide behavioral health services on-site and in the nearby community to students and their families. Goals are to improve access to behavioral health care and coordination of that care with educational services.

Bristol-Warren Regional Schools: Psychological Centers staff consult to teachers, school staff, children and families about behavioral and behavioral health concerns for students in several of the District schools.

Psychological Centers’ former Co-Director, Mark Dumas PhD, developed a model of integrated clinical/and targeted educational services for serving high risk youth within school districts, to improve outcomes and reduce costs.  Below is an invited presentation to the U.S. Department of Education describing the model (notes about each page are available by downloading the presentation and viewing in “normal view”).

U.S. Dept. of Education presentation: the RYSE model