Welcome to Psychological Centers

Behavioral health services help community members achieve important real-world outcomes, including better health, relationships, home lives, work performance, and doing well in school.  The Centers of Psychological expertise at Psychological Centers are organized to bring these benefits where they will be most helpful.

Our services are based on each client’s needs and scientific evidence about what will be most effective for meeting them.  Psychological Centers’ behavioral health services are provided to clients state-wide in their homes, schools, doctors’ offices, and other everyday settings, in our offices in Providence and Warren, and at partner locations throughout Rhode Island.

Psychological Centers ceased operations in May, 2013, when the inability to maintain our quality of care without undue sacrifice by staff made it no longer reasonable to continue.  Unfortunately, the organization we arranged to take over our staff, contracts, and operations was unable to sustain our services, despite immediate profitability and continued good outcome data starting in the first year.  

The following graphics explain the way we achieve our evidence based practice approach (how we act on our “Your obsession with formulation“)

Clinical effectiveness (click to enlarge)


Organizational effectiveness (click to enlarge)