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Listening to Veterans, Friday, May 24th, 9-12:15 at the RI Statehouse is open for registration.

The Psychological Centers Continuing Education (CE) program trains participants in practically useful tools based on the best available scientific foundations: awareness of relevant basic science, scientific evidence for the effectiveness of specific assessment and treatment techniques, and ability to practice particular scientifically-supported treatments. Many training programs present single meetings at which effective treatments are described but clinicians do not learn how to offer them. We offer multiple-week supervised trainings in how to actually use new knowledge and skills to achieve clinical goals.

Our CE program training is approved by the American Psychological Association and the Association of Social Work Boards to offer trainings for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and mental health counselors. We use the program to train Psychological Centers’ staff in the philosophy, approach, and techniques for helping our clients bring about important changes in their daily lives. This practical focus thus benefits our staff, our clients, and our ability to meet the agency’s mission and goals.

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2011-2012 Continuing Education Series for Behavioral Health Professionals

Our APA- and ASWB-approved continuing education program tries to offer practically applicable, scientifically grounded professional training.

We will be distributing our invitations by e-mail only.  Anyone who might be interested in receiving our e-mails should contact us at

Our trainings will be focused on 7 areas of particular relevance for Psychological Centers:

1.   Evidence Based Services for adults

2.    Behavioral Medicine and Integrated Care

3.    Evidence Based Services for children

4.   School-related services

5.    Intensive services for youth and families (and for disruptive behavior)

6.   Couples and family treatment

7.   Sexual Health

For 2011-2012, the full list of the Professional Continuing Education training series will include:

(2011 evaluation results)

(2012 evaluation results)

October 21, 9-12:15: Tiffani Kisler, PhD, Laura Chalk, CNS, Gretchen Blyker, MA, Sarah Dennewitz, MFT, Helping Couples Uncover Their Sexual Potential (Evaluation Results)

October 21, 9:45-11:15: Sarah Fine, PhD, and Paul Block, PhD, Evidence Based Practice vs. Empirically Supported Treatments- Tailoring Treatment to Patients Rather Than Patients to Treatments. (Evaluation Results)

December 15, 1-4:15: staff of the RI Departments of Corrections and Children, Youth, and Families, Diverting youth from graduating into the adult correctional system (Evaluation results)

For 2012, the full list of the Professional Continuing Education training series will include:

January 27, 9-12:15: Courtney Beard, PhD (Brown U Medical School) [Evidence based services for adults]

Social phobia in adults (Evaluation results)

February 10, 9-12:15: Fredrick Reamer, PhD (Rhode Island College School of Social Work) [Intensive services; outpatient services]

Ethical practice in the modern world (Ethics evaluation results)

April 13, 9-12:15: Ana Abrantes, PhD, Brown U Medical School, and Rachel Hallene, MSW, Psychological Centers [Evidence based treatment for youth; intensive services for youth]

Evidence-Based Approaches For Assessing And Treating Substance Use Problems In Adolescents (Evaluation results)

April 27, 9-12:15: Stephen Sheinkopf, PhD (Brown U Medical School) [Evidence based and Intensive services for youth]

Clinical management of Autism Spectrum Disorders in outpatient and intensive treatment, including clinical implications of changes in state law and resources (Evaluation results)

5/25, 9-12:15: Jacqueline Sparks, PhD, LMFT (URI Dept of Human Development and Family Studies) [Evidence based services]

Solution focused therapy: A lens and language of change (Evaluation Results)

6/8, 9-12:15: Sarah Kelly-Palmer, LICSW, and Susan Erstling, PhD (National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Family Service of RI)  [Evidence based services for children]

Child sexual abuse: Effects and effective treatments (Evaluation results)

June 22, 9-12:15: Abbe Garcia, PhD & Jen Freeman, PhD (Brown U Medical School) [Evidence based services for children]

Treatment of comorbidity in anxious children (Evaluation results)

September 28, 9-12:15: Paul Block, PhD (Psychological Centers & formerly University of Denver) [Evidence-based services for adults]

Clinical theory for cognitive therapy (Evaluation results)

October 4, 2:30-4:30: Lisa Uebelacker, PhD (Butler Hospital and Brown Medical School) [Evidence-based services for adults]

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Interventions as supplements to treatment for depressed adults (Evaluation results)

October 26, 8:30-12:15: Sue Adams, PhD (Department of Human Development, URI) [Evidence-based services for children; Behavioral Medicine]

Sleep in the “Net Generation”: Issues across development (Evaluation results)

December 14, 9-12:15: Tiffani Kisler, PhD (Department of Human Development, Program in Couples and Family Therapy, URI) [Couples and Family Treatment]

Staying Systemic: The example of separation, divorce, and remarriage (Evaluation results)

January 18, 9-12:15: Suzanne Borstein, PhD and Paul Block, PhD [Evidence-based services for adults]

Dueling Trauma Treatments: EMDR “vs.” PE/CBT in treatment of PTSD in adults (Evaluation results)

Registration, fees, etc.:

Invitations to individual events with details, fees, links to register, and other information will be sent separately.

All trainings range in cost from $45 to $120, depending on length.  Active students are charged 50% of the full training fee.

To register or RSVP (inc. for credit card payments), please contact us at, or by calling (401) 490-8900.


Other trainings:

In addition to these programs, other training topics under consideration include:

– Use of outcome data to improve care

– Psychopharmacology

– Significant trauma and its effects (dissociation, DID, complex PTSD, BLPD, etc.)

– Progressive relaxation

– CBT for insomnia

– Motivational Interviewing in medical settings

If you would be interested in any of these topics or have other recommendations, please let us know at the phone or e-mail above.


CE/CEU approval:

Continuing Education Programs for Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Mental Health Counselors and Psychologists

The Psychological Centers/URI Counseling Center Training Program is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The PC/URI CC Training Program maintains responsibility for all programs and their content.

The Psychological Centers/URI Counseling Center Training Program, provider #1151, is approved as a provider for social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. The PC/URI CC Training Program maintains responsibility for all programs.

For more information about courses, or to register, please call or email Psychological Centers at

401-490-8900 or


Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our trainings.

– the Professional Continuing Education team at Psychological Centers